How to get to Maastricht


Maastricht is easily accessible by plane, air or even bus. Here you will find more information about how to get to Maastricht. 


Maastricht is easily accessible by train from Amsterdam, Aachen (Germany) and Liège (Belgium). High-speed trains connect Liège and Aachen rapidly with Cologne, Brussels and Paris, among others. 


Participants arriving by air may choose to use Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport, or Brussels Zaventem Airport. All three airports have smooth transport links with Maastricht. Travel from Amsterdam Schiphol takes about 2½ hours, Eindhoven about 1½ hours, and Brussels Zaventem about 2 hours, depending on transport connections.

Other nearby airports include Cologne-Bonn and Düsseldorf, although onward transport is more complex. Both Liège and Maastricht also have airports, but these are mainly used for holiday travel.


Long distance buses (Flixbus) connect Maastricht to some 90 destinations. The international bus terminal is on the far side (east) of the rail station (Meerssenerweg 378). More in formation about Flixbus can be found here

Local bus network
The city bus service (Arriva) runs regular services connecting all parts throughout the day and evening. One service (350) connects Maastricht with Aachen every 15 minutes. Note: Buses arrive at and leave from the same stop in front of Aachen station slightly to your left. Buses go first to Aachen Centrum (busstation/bushof) before returning to Maastricht via a different route.

There are also Belgian services connecting Maastricht with Hasselt, Tongeren and Liège.