Conference Dinner & Excursion

Conference Dinner 2020

The Conference Dinner at 19.00 on Thursday 20 October 2022 will take place at Thiessen Wijnkoopers, wine merchants and vintners since 1717. Three hundred years ago merchant Guillaume Thyssen started his wine business on the Grote Gracht in Maastricht. The colourful history of Thiessen Wijnkoopers is closely linked to that of the city. The impressive building with 1200 m² of authentic wine cellars is one of Maastricht's cultural-historical treasures. In addition to an age-old wine trade, Thiessen is one of the most beautiful event locations in Maastricht. The ICLHE 2022 Conference organizers are delighted to host the festive Conference Dinner in this beautiful city building with its historic atmosphere and myriad of spaces.

Thiessen Wijnkoopers is located on the same street as the Conference venue, no more than a three-minute walk.


- The Dinner costs €80 (PhD and other students €60). See Fees and Registration 2022 for more information.
- More information on Thiessen wijnkoopers can befound om their website (in Dutch) including videos.


Post-conference excursion

The Excursion is in the afternoon after the end of the Conference on Friday 21 October 2022. It comprises a boat trip along the River Maas to visit the famous caves of St. Pieter at Zonneberg. In the course of centuries of marl quarrying, an underground labyrinth was created here with over 20,000 passageways. The manual labourers who cut out the blocks as well as various artists have left their marks, including various interesting and sometimes very old writings on the wall. But the caves were used not only for quarrying marl. They turned out to be very handy hiding places for residents during the many sieges that Maastricht had to endure as well as World War II. Some of the facilities installed at the time are still present. The temperature in the caves is 9 to 10 degrees Celsius, so remember to wrap up warm! The ICLHE 2022 Conference organizers have arranged for guides so that you do not get lost in the hundreds of tunnels!

After the visit, the boat will bring us back to the centre of Maastricht. Drinks, etc. will be served on board.


- The Excursion costs €40 (PhD and other students €25). See Fees and Registration 2022 for more information.